Our Impact

Every time a client works with us, something amazing happens in the world.

Imagine A World Full Of Giving

Stratcomm supports B1G1, a global business giving movement on a mission to create a world full of giving. Unlike conventional giving models, B1G1 specifically helps businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations and creating unique giving stories.

The B1G1 Team asked, “What would happen if we all gave back just by doing the things we do every day?” It was a question that deeply inspired them, and in turn has inspired us too. From 2022, we have committed to offer Givings and do more good when we reach specific business milestones.

We believe in paying it forward, we also believe that together we achieve more. To help us do more with your money, we have partnered with B1G1.

When A Team And Leadership Development Workshop Is Booked…

We Provide 60 Days Of Education For Children From All Around The World.

Quality education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles to achieve sustainable development. It improves health and livelihoods, as well as contributes to social stability. That is why Quality Education is one of the Global Goals. Your support provides access to education for children all over the globe!

When An Organisation Purchases Our Archispeaks Service…

We Provide 30 Days Of Computer Education To Children In Need.

Give young Aboriginal people access to learning hubs and free public Wi-Fi for communications and conducting necessary everyday business. Many households don’t have a computer or even a reliable power supply, so learning hubs are crucial for young people to develop their IT and literacy skills. With English being a third or fourth language, access to online resources can reduce linguistic, geographic and cultural isolation. It enables community members to stay in touch with relatives and supports self-directed learning, opening up employment and other future opportunities.

Do You Want To Join The Movement?

Every dollar you invest with us goes further through our partnership with B1G1. If you do choose to join B1G1, please use our code BM15524. When you join through our code, 50 days of access to education are given to children in the world.