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Join Kim Yabsley for The Culture Conversation as she interviews senior executives and business owners from various industries to explore themes related to culture and its contribution to business outcomes.

Raising the bar for culture in Australia by exploring topics such as; what is culture really and why does it matter? How it can be measured? Can we really achieve industry wide culture change?

We tackle the tough topics, celebrate the success and share the lessons and experiences of Australian companies committed to building better culture.

Latest Episodes

Episode 9: Real Solutions For Change

How Vision Can Shape Reality

Wagners’ visionary approach and commitment to outcomes have led to development of an earth friendly cement that reuses mining waste while reducing carbon emissions. In this episode, we talked to Hugh Stone about leadership, managing expectations and a ‘can-do’ attitude, which are the foundations of real solutions that offer the potential for measurable, lasting change.

Hugh Stone has a leadership experience in high risk operations across multiple industries including mining and quarrying, construction materials, energy and natural resource management. As Wagners’ Head of Safety, Environment and Quality, Hugh enjoys engaging and collaborating with people and believes authenticity and compassion are key aspects to being a successful leader.

Episode 8: Teamwork, Leadership And Life

One Man's Insights on Using Personal Experience to Create Opportunity for Others

This episode, we talked to Luke Gordon whose experience in leadership across his community, within his sporting background and in the field has translated into a big mission to provide pathways for indigenous employment.

With 17 years experience in the field as an operator and supervisor, Luke Gordon strives to achieve a positive and accountable culture through effective leadership, adapting skillsets and leadership concepts. Luke is now on the other side, providing equipment back to the resources sector through Copperhead Industrial, balancing his operational experience with his interest in providing pathways for indigenous Australians.

Episode 07: Data Analytics As A Tool For Value Creation

What is collaboration, really? In this episode with Quintin Nienaber, we look at the role of relationship development in the context of innovation and value creation, exploring data analytics and how digitisation of the mining industry has led us to the intersection of people and process, where we can maximise safety and productivity concurrently by ensuring that our insights are operationally actionable.

Quintin Nienaber is currently the GM of Product Management. Throughout the last 14 years, he has built a strong understanding of what it takes to launch successful products in the Mining Sector. He has worked on projects and products that are focused on safety, process improvement and overall impact to the value chain.

Episode 06: Square Peg In A Round Hole

Mentoring as a tool for diversity and inclusion

This episode explores themes around a changing industry and mentoring as a model for diversity and inclusion with the Chamber of Minerals and Energy Champion, Rebecca Prain.

Rebecca Prain has over 31 years’ experience in the mining industry in Western Australia. She is passionate about the mining industry and has taken an active role in mentoring the next generation of females in mining to achieve the positions they desire, through her role in the Women in Mining WA community.

Episode 05: Shaking Things Up

Finding new ways to support mental health in operational environments

Join us to talk about innovative models for mental health in mining with social enterprise entrepreneur Edward Ross who is hard at work simplifying complexity, creating pathways for suicide prevention and splashing colour around some of the dimly lit corners of the industry.

Edward Ross is the co-founder of TradeMutt workwear. TradeMutt is a social impact workwear company that is helping start conversations about mental health and make an invisible issue impossible to ignore. He is also the co-founder of TIACS.org, a free text and call service direct to mental health professionals.

Episode 04: Using Motion Capture Technology To Enhance Safety Outcomes In Mining

Dr. Jason Konrath and Jacob Cole have been innovating around safety outcomes through the use of motion capture technology for the mining (amongst other) sectors. Their unique product, ‘Alter Ergo’ is now at commercialisation stage and gaining traction for its potential to impact safety and rehabilitation outcomes for the mining sector. Join us to hear about their unique collaboration and its application for industry.

Dr. Jason Konrath, founder of Principia Technology, has an extensive background in both research and coaching elite sports from all over the world, and holds a PhD in Biomechanics. Jacob Cole is a WHS authority, serial entrepreneur, and prolific problem solver. He is also the mind behind rapidly scaling Epigroup, who have garnered international respect in the WHS industry setting.

Episode 03: From Punitive To Proactive

Shifting the way we think about drugs and alcohol in the mining sector

Drugs and alcohol have long been a part of the culture of Australia and the culture of the mining and resources sector.

In this insightful interview, Dr. Nicole Lee helps us unpack the difference between a focus on usage and a focus on harms and behaviours as they relate to operational efficiency in the mining industry.

Dr. Nicole Lee is the Founder and CEO of 360Edge, a consultancy specialising in alcohol and other drug solutions. She is internationally known for her work in alcohol and other drug policy and responses, and has worked in the area for more than 30 years.

Episode 02: Zero Serious Harm

Shifting culture in the QLD Mining and Resources sector

In this episode, we talk about zero serious harm for the QLD Resources sector with Mark Stone, CEO of the Queensland Mining Regulator, Resources, Safety and Health QLD.

As the CEO of Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ), Mark Stone is accountable for the implementation of the organisations strategic plan. RSHQ’s vision is a resources sector free from serious harm, where every worker has the right to a safe and healthy workplace.

Join us to hear about RSHQ’s bold vision and clear plan for action that will create transform the QLD Mining and Resources sector.

Episode 01: Culture Counts

How to build better culture and why it matters

Culture is essential to business outcomes. As a lead in to raising the bar for culture in Australia, the first episode of The Culture Conversation with Kim Yabsley explores:

  • What is culture really and why does it matter
  • The pitfalls and mistakes most organisations make when it comes to culture change
  • A proven framework for building better culture

Future episodes will interview senior executives and business owners from various industries to explore themes related to culture and its contribution to business outcomes.

Welcome to The Culture Conversation.

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