Meet Our Team

We deliver meaningful strategy and training which changes organisations and individuals.

Meet Our Team

For 15 years, our team has been supporting corporate and government clients to build better culture through increased awareness, purposeful action, and expanded outcomes.

Today, we are proud to support clients to benchmark culture so that they can create the kind of transformative environment that attracts and retains star quality individuals.
Our in-house specialises in helping clients to understand the three-step approach to creating a transformative culture.

We proudly continue our mission of building better culture started when we established our consultancy years ago. You will find strength in the depth of our team and confidence in the breadth of our experience.

Our all-star team will help you build and embed a culture that shines.



 of leaders say that working with us changed the way they lead



 of executives say that employee engagement is critical to business success


Kim Yabsley
Founder and Director

An experienced speaker, author and expert, Kim has helped many organisations ‘future proof’ themselves by building better culture.

Patrick D’Cruze
Chief Technology Officer

An exceptional technology entrepreneur with significant experience identifying challenges and creating solutions (software/mobile apps/AI).

Ian Hughes
Operations Manager

A manager with significant hands on experience managing risk, developing business and delivering on strategic vision.

Aleisha Langton
Account Manager

A high-level Account Manager, Aleisha brings years of experience and integrity to delivering customer service.

Adina Mejarito
Customer Care Officer

Dedicated to ensuring exceptional client satisfaction and meaningful interactions. She promptly resolves issues, and offers guidance on workplace culture improvement.

Daphne Reyes
Customer Service Manager

Expert organisation skills coupled with creative thinking and innovation fuel Daphne’s action taking approach.

Three Simple Steps

To Culture Transformation